If you haven’t already done so, please read thoroughly our author guidelines which detail important instructions. This will ensure that we don’t contact you with requests for more information (or changes) after your submission, and that your paper is forwarded to the Editor without delay.  Whenever applicable, please pay particular attention to the ATCC ASN-0002-2011 guidelines for cell line authentication, the PRISMA guidelines for metaanalyses, the ICMJE guidelines, Gene nomenclature guidelines, and EXACT guidelines. Concerning the latter, a completed EXACT datasheet (which may be downloaded from here) needs to be attached to all submissions that include an experimental section (most Research Articles, Cutting-edge Communications, Technical Reports, Technical Sheets, and Industry in Focus papers).

Cancer Epigenetics is a journal of the Cancer Epigenetics Society published by the B² Scientific Group, Ltd (B²SG). B²SG was founded and is managed by scientists who are acutely aware of the tedious, time-consuming, and let’s just say it, plain fastidious and exasperating process it has become nowadays to submit a paper. We have worked hard to simplify the whole submission process and welcome suggestions to simplify it even more. To help you submit your paper, we have done five things:

1. We will not waste your time researching acceptable academic editors or reviewers, we will do that for you.

2. There are no mandatory pre-submission inquiry checklists asking you to dwell on your key findings, your motives for doing the study, the kind of evidence supporting your assertions, the significance of your work, etc…. Really, we feel that if a journal cannot bother to read your paper to know what’s actually in the paper, you’re better off sending your paper to a journal with editors and editorial managers that actually care. Here, once you’re ready, go ahead and submit the real thing.

3. Unless there is something crucial to say that cannot be said in the paper (we can think of only exceedingly rare occasions whereby this may be the case), there is no need for a cover letter either. We think that anyone who reads your paper should be able to get why it should or shouldn’t be considered for publication. So we will not waste your time having you compose a prose explaining the nuts and bolts of your paper. We know you have better things to do.

4. There are no pointless online forms with nearly endless fields that take hours to fill out: think ScholarOne (formerly Manuscript Central), Editorial Manager, and the like. Once you are finished writing your paper, just email it to us here at manuscript@ces.b2sg.org, and you’re done, as simple as that! That’s a submission under a minute, not one that takes a whole afternoon.

5. Author guidelines are the same for all B²SG journals, current and future. That means that once you have made the initial investment to read through our guidelines for Cancer Epigenetics, you’ll never have to read them again for your next submissions to any and all of B²SG journals. Even the formatting of references is identical across all B²SG journals. The only exception concerns the EXACT guidelines which are periodically updated. Just make sure you download the latest version of the EXACT datasheet from here every time prior to submission.

Finally, this journal is the product of our scientific publishing philosophy and your vision of what you’d like it to be. We kindly ask our authors and readers to email us suggestions on how to further simplify the submission process or our author guidelines, and how we may further improve the quality of the papers we publish. In particular, please email us at info@ces.b2sg.org, Subject line: Author guideline suggestions, your suggestions of technical details you think ought to be included in the EXACT guidelines to further improve transparency and reproducibility of papers published in the Cancer Epigenetics Society journals. While we do not promise to implement all of your suggestions, we promise to give them our full attention.

Other than that, the submission itself is again as straightforward as it can be: once you’re ready, just email us your files along with the EXACT datasheet here at manuscript@ces.b2sg.org!

We hope you find our simplified submission process to your liking and look forward to reading your paper.

Happy manuscript submission!